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Business delegates office care management to other companies

Business delegates office care management to other companies

Foreign and Lithuanian companies are focusing on their main activity and tend to refrain from additional time-consuming activities that are unrelated to their main business, such as office care management. Modern companies purchase office care management from companies specialising in the provision of such services.

According to Justas Bandza, Head of Office Management Group of the international real estate consulting services company Newsec, services provided by a company involve a wide range of office management activities, such as workplace equipment and hiring of administration or security staff. Professionals also take care of office supplies, replacement of employees being on a sick-leave, communication with lessees, utility services administration and many other matters.

“The main service clients are foreign equity companies wishing to fully concentrate on their main operations. That is why these companies delegate other activities such as office care management to professionals. In such cases companies are free from having to solve issues related to hiring and maintaining additional staff, which in turn saves time and money. Our company frequently purchases services for several offices thus are being offered a better price. We noticed that currently the interest in this service is gaining momentum,” Mr. Bandza said.

One of the examples is the contract between the US health and safety technologies and Services Company Intermedix Corporation division and company Newsec. Newsec was at first trusted with the office care management of one building and in October this year signed a contract on the management of the second office building.

The first service centre of the US mega health and safety technologies and services provider Intermedix Corporation in Kaunas opened at the end of 2014. Ever-expanding company Intermedix Lietuva currently operates in three office buildings in Kaunas. Based on the data from October, these divisions employ 689 members of staff.

“The need for office care management emerged out of the necessity to maintain technically and economically sound buildings, to have a common, unified and clear building maintenance plan supported by specialist insight and supervision, and to provide employees with safe, cosy and attractive working environment. In our cooperation we came to trust service quality, staff competence and were able to evaluate financial benefit,” stated Intermedix Lietuva office director Sigita Volkavičienė.

While providing office care management, Newsec also conducts additional companies’ orders, for instance, it provides administrative service for the start-up space Rise Vilnius, additionally purchases office supplies for the international data management company’s Call Credit division in Kaunas and provides a specific service to the company Vingės terminalas, namely, controls a third party that performs technical maintenance.

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