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Danske Bank’s portfolio of real estate for sale – residential buildings and beachfront plots

Danske Bank’s portfolio of real estate for sale – residential buildings and beachfront plots

Newsec, an international real estate consulting firm, sells Danske Bank’s real estate portfolio in Latvia – a total of 17 properties for close to EUR 1.5 million. The lowest price of the object for sale is EUR 7.2 thousand, but the highest – EUR 515.8 thousand.

The portfolio of objects for sale consists of: 10 land plots, 6 residential buildings, and 1 commercial premises object. The properties are located in 8 Latvian municipalities. The most auctioned objects are located on the coast of the Baltic Sea: in Saulkrasti, Ragaciems, Jurmala resorts and municipalities bordering Riga.

“We will offer the Bank’s property for sale to target buyers and to help to sell the properties at the best possible market price. Among the properties for sale are objects for the personal needs of customers and business development – from premises in the centre of Riga to beachfront land. Real estate experts have carefully evaluated the value of each property offered by the bank, also assessing the property development potential,” says Newsec Chairman of the Board in Latvia Ģirts Grīnbergs.

A Newsec expert emphasizes that Danske Bank’s real estate properties for sale are in attractive locations and in good condition. The most expensive auction object is a residential house in the peaceful Jurmala district Bulduri, which is popular amongst families with children. The proposed house is located at 14 Dārz-kopības Street, only a 10-minute walk from the beach.

A few more residential houses are for sale in Jurmala: a house surrounded by pine trees at 63 Rubeņu Street for EUR 156.6 thousand, and a house neighbouring Kemeri National Park – Ventspils highway 42 – for EUR 29.4 thousand.

Six objects are offered in the peaceful resort Saulkrasti and its surroundings: one is a residential house be-ing offered for EUR 150 thousand and 5 land plots. The prices of the objects range from EUR 7.2 thousand up to EUR 52 thousand. Within 50 km from Riga, the seaside stretches for 17 km in the resort territory. Get-ting to Saulkrasti from the Latvian capital is comfortable and easy not only by car but also by public transport — buses and trains run here.

In the villages of the resort Ragaciems and Zvejniekciems, land plots are being offered for EUR 40 thousand and EUR 25.9 thousand.

The bank offers a lot of land plots for sale in the vicinity of Riga. For example, in the municipality of Garkalne, which before the new administrative-territorial reform of Latvia introduced in 2009 belonged to the City of Riga, a land plot is being offered for EUR 45.8 thousand. In Marupe municipality, where Riga Airport is located, a land plot is being offered EUR 120 thousand. Land plot on Tvaika Street is for sale in Riga port area for EUR 14.1 thousand.

You can find more information on properties for sale: https://www.newsec.lt/lv/nekilnojamo-turto-paieska/dzivojamais-fonds-un-zemes/

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