Growth in need for office care in Lithuania led by international companies | Newsec

Growth in need for office care in Lithuania led by international companies

Growth in need for office care in Lithuania led by international companies

The scale of the office care management services provided by international real estate advisors Newsec in the Baltics has doubled in the past year. The popularity of the services is increasing rapidly among international companies.

According to Rida Kalvaitienė, Newsec’s Head of Property Asset Management in the Baltics, the office care contracts signed in 2020-2021 with companies like World Courier Lithuania, Mambu and others are solid recognition – large global companies are opting for a professional service provider with strong local know-how.

“Despite the pandemic, offices remain relevant for big companies as a place to consolidate their corporate culture and identity, since it’s important for teams to be together and grow, and the quarantine restrictions are temporary. Demand for office care management services on the market has been growing recently, because companies can face a lot of challenges administering offices on their own, especially if you’re talking about over 500 sq. m. of space. Quality office care requires specific competences, and companies whose activities aren’t related to the real estate sector often lack the resources that are needed to manage an office. That’s why outside experts are brought in,” Kalvaitienė says.

She notes that the need for professional office management services is growing most among international companies with units in Lithuania. Companies like that usually understand the value of professional service very well and value the ability to dedicate their time to their direct work. Proof of that are the companies that have signed agreements with Newsec and enlarged its portfolio of property asset management clients: World Courier Lithuania (a global leader in specialized medical logistics), Mambu (a banking technology company), and other service centres.

Newsec provides clients with full-time reception services, delegates engineers to maintain office systems, organizes cleaning, security and care for office plants, arranges for the provision of office supplies, and performs other functions related to office management. Clients of the service also avoid the hassles involved in substituting for employees during holidays or illness, obtaining office equipment, upgrading premises, and relocating.

Newsec manages 48 commercial properties in the three Baltic countries with nearly 500,000 sq. m. of space. A team of 52 professionals is responsible for managing the properties and increasing their value. Throughout Northern Europe, Newsec manages more than EUR 60 billion worth of property.


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