Newsec’s property asset management service quality will now be ensured by ISO standards

Newsec’s property asset management service quality will now be ensured by ISO standards

Newsec in the Baltics has implemented the ISO standards for quality management systems (9001) and environmental management systems (14001) and obtained the corresponding certifications. This will give clients who use the company’s property asset management services even more guarantees in the areas of management and environmental protection.

To improve customer satisfaction, services must meet top quality criteria. Newsec has chosen ISO standards to ensure the quality of its property asset management services. They confirm that the company abides by internationally recognized criteria of experience and professionalism, and that the property asset management services provided meet the requirements of the client and the law.

“The quality management system standard and other ISO standards that go together with it ensure the quality, accuracy and coordination of all a company’s work and guarantee the transparency and clarity of the processes that take place. They also precisely allocate responsibility among employees and encourage continual improvement of operations, cost reduction, and growth of sales,” Rida Kalvaitienė, Newsec’s Head of Property Asset Management in the Baltics, explains.

She says it is also important to note that the standards will help the company give more attention to monitoring, identifying and preventing risks, like unacceptable supplier attitudes or improper performance of contracts.

Having implemented the standards for quality and environmental management systems, the company must ensure that services and processes always comply with those standards. For that, many changes had to be introduced and investments made in continuous improvement of not just what is done but also attitude. Implementing the ISO standards at Newsec took roughly 9 months and the quality of the activities undertaken by the company will be reviewed every year.

According to Rida Kalvaitienė, from now on more attention will be paid in the property asset management area to monitoring discrepancies of quality management and environmental protection. From among property asset management employees an internal audit team will be formed. It will register quality management discrepancies and seek to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

“With the help of the environmental management system standard, our clients can monitor and continually raise the company’s goals for reducing environmental impact and the established indicators we should work together to achieve. If the agreed requirements are not achieved, that would be reflected in both our internal audit and an external audit,” Newsec’s Head of Property Asset Management in the Baltics says.

She stresses that successfully obtaining the certifications was facilitated by the property asset management team’s professionalism based on constant engagement, strong competencies, and management support.

Possessing ISO certifications is not just one-time proof that the company meets the standards – it is a long-term commitment to implement a whole list of requirements. Moreover, ISO standards do not just ensure the company’s reliability, but also offer more opportunities for clients who make use of the property asset management services. In order to retain these certifications, operating standards have to be continuously verified. The company commits to review its operations every year and, as needed, to update processes.

The Head of Property Asset Management adds that ISO standards 9001 and 14001 are fundamental. Newsec does not rule out possibly seeking other certifications as well.

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