1. How do I become a registered user?  
2. Where can I find information about the upcoming auction?  
3. Who can participate in the auction?  
4. Is it possible to participate in the auction through a representative?  
5. What is the auction entry fee? Is it refundable?   
6. Will other participants see my identity?  
7. Can I participate in multiple auctions at once?  
8. What does the "Awaiting approval" auction registration status mean?  
9. Can I cancel my registration for the auction?  
10. Are there any additional fees to enter the auction?  
 11. Where can I find additional information about an object of interest?  
12. Can I inspect the object live before participating in the auction?  
13. Can I buy an Object at an initial price?  
14. When can I buy for the "BUY NOW" price?  
15. Is there a possibility to buy property with credit?   
16. Is the auctioned property subject to a VAT charge?   
17. How do I know if I have won the auction?  
18. If I am the only/single participant, am I declared a winner?   
19. Is the entry fee included in the final price for the auction winner?  
20. Can I not bid?  
21. How soon is the participant's Entry fee returned?   
22. How does the auction winner become the owner of the object to be acquired?  
23. Can I participate in the auction as a certain person / company and buy it as another? (i.e. transfer the right to buy/guarantee)?   
24. Is it possible to pay off in installments / partial payments?  
25. How soon does the auction winner have to fully pay off the seller?   
26. I am declared a winner, but I am no longer willing to buy the Object. What is waiting for me?  
27. When is the auction considered to have failed?  
28. I noticed an error / malfunction on the page - what should I do?  
29. Can I sell my property through an auction organized by NEWSEC?