Terms and conditions

Updated version. Valid from 1st of January, 2022




The Website is a publicly available real estate Auction system (platform), which is administered by UAB “Newsec advisers LT”, legal entity code 302504219, VAT payer’s code LT100005565410, registered office address at Konstitucijos av. 21C, Vilnius, The Republic of Lithuania.

These Terms of Use of Website establishes the terms and instructions of use of the Website and requirements, as well as the rights and obligations of Visitors, Registered Users, Buyers and Auctioneer, including, but not limited to the application of the Rules, the conditions for the Account registration on the Website, the activities prohibited on the Website, etc.

We kindly ask you to read the Rules before using the Website. Any person, especially a Registered User, should properly evaluate the provisions and requirements of the Rules, also their ability to comply with them, before becoming the Auction Participant, including whether each condition and requirement of the Rules are individually acceptable to them. Among other things, the Registered Users and/or the Auction Participants are encouraged to evaluate and analyse in particular whether the Rules of the Organization and Implementation of Electronic Auctions, a description of Auction procedures provided in the Rules, principles for determining the price of real estate, obligations related to the payment of the Participant's Fee, the right of the Auctioneer to unilaterally adjust, modify or annul any of the documents of the Rules (or their separate clauses) and/or the Website, its content, are acceptable. If the Rules or any document (clause) are unclear, the Registered Users are entitled to apply to NEWSEC for clarification of the Rules or its separate provisions. If you do not agree with all and (or) any (even one) provision, conditions and / or requirements of any document of the Rules (especially if you are a Visitor), you should not use the Website, become a Registered User, Auction Participant, Buyer and participate in the Auctions.

These Terms of Use of Website and other documents of the Rules are applicable and mandatory for you and all others users of the Website. While using the Website and (or) registering an Account, you declare and approve that you carefully read all documents of the Rules, including these Terms of Use of Website, understood its content, also without any exceptions, agree with all conditions provided in the Rules and undertake to comply with them.


1.              DEFINITIONS

1.1.          Definitions and expressions, which are written in the capital letter (except for personal pronouns that may be written both in the capital and lower-case letter), in the introduction and further in these Terms of Use of the Website and other documents of the Rules will have the following meaning, unless specified otherwise:

1.1.1.      Auction – sale of real estate owned by the Seller by electronic means, during which the real estate belonging to the Seller is offered for a sale through an intermediary – the Auctioneer, where the number of Auction Participants is unlimited, and the Sale-Purchase Agreement is concluded with the Auction Participant who offered the highest price.

1.1.2.      Auction Participant – a Registered User who seeks to participate in the Electronic Auction and who has submitted all the documents specified in the Rules, has paid the Participant’s Fee, and whose registration has been approved by the Auctioneer under the procedure established herein.

1.1.3.      Auction Object – the real estate owned by the Seller, which is being sold at the Auction.

1.1.4.      Auctioneer or NEWSEC – UAB Newsec advisers LT, legal entity code 302504219, registered office address at Konstitucijos ave. 21C, Vilnius, Lithuania.

1.1.5.      Participant’s Fee – the monetary contribution of the Auction Participant, paid to the bank account, specified in the Notice before registering to the Auction. The amount of the Participant’s Fee is calculated under the procedure established in the Rules of the Organization and Implementation of Electronic Auctions. The specific amount of the Participant’s Fee to be paid shall be indicated in the Auction Notice.

1.1.6.      Intellectual Property Rights – all existing and / or future rights relating to inventions, patents, trademarks, industrial designs, geographical indications, copyrights, business reputation, or other intellectual property rights that exist now or will occur in the future, including all applications and registrations, updates and additions under the laws of any jurisdiction in any country or territory.

1.1.7.      Visitor – person, who visits the Website, but has not created an Account.

1.1.8.      Seller – the owner of the Auction Object or his / her authorized person who intends to sell the real estate through electronic auction and concludes the Sale-Purchase Agreement, and who authorizes the Auctioneer to organize the Auction thereof.

1.1.9.      Account – a personal virtual account, which has been created under the Rules to attend the Auctions to acquire real estate. A Visitor registers (creates) an Account via Website tools. NEWSEC, under the Rules, registers the accounts opened (created) by the Visitors.

1.1.10.   Buyer – the Auction Winner with whom the Sale-Purchase Agreement is concluded.

1.1.11.   Sale-Purchase Agreement – the principal sale-purchase agreement of the Auction Object, concluded between the Seller and the Auction Winner (Buyer).

1.1.12.   Privacy Policy – the rules and requirements provided on the Website, which determine the procedures of collection, storage and use of the information related to the use of the Website (including information about Auction Participants, as well as personal data);

1.1.13.   Registered User – any natural or legal person who has created an account on the Website in his name or on behalf of a represented person.

1.1.14.   Rules – indicated in Clause 3.1 of the Terms of Use of Website and all documents, provisions, obligations, requirements, and (or) instruction provided on the Website or into which are redirected from the Website.

1.1.15.   Terms of Use of Website – these rules and requirements related to use of the Website established and approved by NEWSEC, also the rights and obligations of any person (Visitor, Auction Participants, Buyers and Sellers) and the Auctioneer related to use of the Website.

1.1.16.   Website – a special publicly announced electronic real estate auction system (Platform) developed and administered by the Auctioneer available at https://newsec.lt/aukcionai.

1.2.          Definitions and expressions, which are written in the capital letter and which are not defined in these Terms of Use of the Website, are defined in the other documents of the Rules or in the other requirements and (or) instructions, which are available on the Website.


2.              GENERAL PROVISIONS

2.1.          These Terms of Use of Website are integral and inseparable part of the Rules.

2.2.          The Terms of Use of Website applies to all documents of the Rules, regardless of whether this is clearly indicated therein, unless in the respective document of the Rules is stated otherwise.

2.3.          The references into the sections, clauses, parts, provisions, also the conditions specified in these Terms of Use of Website or the specific document of the Rules, are references to the sections, clauses, parts, provisions, also the conditions of the documents in which such reference was made, unless indicated otherwise. Every time, when words “engaging” or “including” or other words having similar meaning are used, it is considered that such words are followed by the words “without restrictions”.



3.1.          The information provided on the Website as well as the Rules define the provisions and conditions under which you may use the Website and participate in online real estate Auctions. The Rules also includes and as an integral part of them shall be held (the following list does not constitute the provision of a priority for separate documents of the Rules):

3.1.1.      specific auction rules;

3.1.2.      Rules of the Organization and Implementation of Electronic Auctions

3.1.3.      Terms of Use of the Website;

3.1.4.      Privacy Policy.

You may access these Rules, also save them and print them at any time via https://newsec.lt/nt/en/auction-rules.

3.2.          If there are discrepancies between the information, obligations, requirements, or instructions provided on the Website and the documents of the Rules indicated above, the provisions of the documents of the Rules mentioned above shall be applied, unless otherwise is specified in the other documents of the Rules.

3.3.          The specific document of the Rules shall enter into force from the moment specified therein. The reference into the Rules or any other document of the Rules means the reference into the valid version of the Rules or any other document of the Rules, unless otherwise is specified.

3.4.          Any use of the Website, including the login to the Website, staying logged in the Website, using the Website, collection of the data and information from the Website means that you agree with all the provisions of the Rules unless otherwise is specified in the other documents of the Rules. If you did not create an Account on the Website and disagree to any condition and (or) any document of the Rules, you have to stop using the Website immediately (despite termination on the usage of the Website, the provisions and conditions of the Rules apply furthermore in respect of the legal relationship that occurred till the termination thereof, as well as the legal relationships, which arise from mentioned above, even if they occurred after the termination on the usage of the Website).

3.5.          NEWSEC is entitled at his discretion, to correct (including to change, edit, supplement, annul, and delete) the Rules or any part of them and (or) any information related to the Rules, without notifying the Visitor, Registered User, and (or) the Auction Participant in advance. The Registered User, who has registered an Account, can access any amendments, corrections, or supplements of the Rules on the Website and, if the Registered User wishes to participate in the Auction, it will be necessary to accept the modified Rules. For the Auction Participants, who compete for the real estate price, or the Visitors (Registered Users), who use the Website, will apply the Rules at the time of using the Website or participating in the Auction. If you disagree with the specific amendments of the Rules, you have the right to terminate usage of the Website, including the annulment of your Account, as specified in Section 4 hereof.

3.6.          Creating an Account (how it is defined in Section 4 hereof) and attending an Auction (how it is defined in the Rules of Implementation and Organization of the Auctions https://newsec.lt/nt/en/all-auctions requires your confirmation that you read, agree, and undertake to comply with the Rules, including these Terms of Use of Website. Your consent is processed by clicking the button "I confirm that I have read the Rules and agree to them" (or analogic reference, which states your will), i. e. via "check-box" window. The confirmation shall be accompanied by a reference to the Auction rules available on the Website or the text of the rules applicable to the specific Auction.



4.1.          To participate in the Auctions can only those persons, who before the beginning of the Auction create a personal Account on the Website and perform all actions specified in the Rules of the Organization and Implementation of the Electronic Auctions. The Visitors without a registered Account can browse the Website and get acquainted with the information of the published, ongoing or expired Auctions, including information about the sale of real estate, initial real estate price, etc., as well as send messages to the Auctioneer, subscribe / unsubscribe newsletters.

4.2.          There are two ways to create an Account: (i) as a natural person and (ii) as a legal entity. In each case, it is necessary to fill in all required fields for the registration.

4.3.          If you want to create and register the Account, press the button "Log in" that is on the right side at the top of the Website, then press the reference "Create an Account". After you fill in all information, which is required on the Website, press the reference "Register". If you have not filled out the information specified in the Account creation tab, the red note with the message "The profile information is incomplete" appears on the Website near the information of the selected real estate Auction. As long as the required information about a person is not filled in the Account, the reference "Attend the Auction" does not appear and the person is not allowed to register for the desired Auction.

4.4.          An account may be created by registering it on the Website, as well as later using it for real estate Auctions following these conditions:

4.4.1.      if you are (1) natural person with full civil capacity, i. e. the person, who is an adult (18 years old), whose capacity is not restricted under the applicable legal acts; or (2) authorized representative of the legal entity, who has the appropriate and sufficient authorizations necessary for the use of the Website, creation of the Account or acquisition of real estate;

4.4.2.      You made the registration process and created the Account properly according to the Terms of Use of Website, the Privacy Policy, and other requirements, specified on the Website;

4.4.3.      While registering the Account or later (for example, while submitting the information at the time of the use of the Website), you agree to submit only correct, precise, and full information, including personal data and immediately update it, that it would be correct, precise and full. Please note that the Auctioneer, who acts under the Rules, does not have the obligation to check the authenticity and (or) correctness of your data, also will make the presumption that all the information in the Account and submitted on the Website is correct, unless the Auctioneer has valid reasons stating otherwise;

4.4.4.      in the registration form, you submit your personal data, also state your will on its processing and storage according to the Rules and other applicable legal acts. Your consent is expressed by clicking specific button on the Website, i.e., through the "check-box" window, as indicated in Clause 3.6 of the Terms of Use of Website.

We want to notice that by creating the Account and later participating in the real estate Auctions, you confirm that all conditions, which are defined in Clause 4.4 of the Terms of Use of the Website, are fulfilled and you are fully responsible for its implementation.

4.5.          Once you properly and fully complete the registration procedure on the Website, you will be informed by a separate notice from the Auctioneer, sent by the e-mail specified in the registration form. After clicking on the received message, you will be redirected to the Website’s homepage and, after filling in all the Account details as specified in Clause 4.3 and approval by the Auctioneer, you will be entitled to participate in the real estate Auctions.

4.6.          After you complete the registration procedure, you can use the settings and facilities accessible on the Website: send messages to the Website administrator, change and (or) later supplement your personal data, review the history of the Auctions you participated in, directly access a protocol of the Auction in electronic format. You oblige to manage, handle and use your Account in other ways only following the Terms of Use of Website, other Rules, requirements, and (or) instructions.

4.7.          To log in to your Account, you should use your e-mail submitted at the time of registration and the password (the symbols that can identify the Registered User on the Website). The Account login password can be updated or changed by clicking on the reference "Forgot your password?" and entering an e-mail, for which the system sends an automatic notice with an activation code. After clicking the link in the received e-mail, the Registered User can change the password and log in to the Website. In case the e-mail submitted at the time of the registration of the Account was changed, deleted or expired, you must notice NEWSEC about it and specify a new and valid email.

4.8.          The Website’s services on the Account are unlimited in time, but the Registered User is entitled, at his discretion, to annul his Account without any reason, except if the Registered User (Auction Participant) participates in the ongoing Auction. If the Registered User (the Auction Participant) participates in the ongoing Auction, the Account may be annulled only at the end of the Auction. The annulment of the Account does not release the parties of their obligations (for example, related to the payment of the Participant’s Fee), which arise until the annulment of the Account. If you want to annul (delete) your Account from the Website, you have to perform relevant actions under the instructions specified on the Website and (or) to contact NEWSEC by using the contacts specified in Section 12 hereof.

4.9.          The Account is assigned to you and you cannot transfer it to any third party without NEWSEC permission. You also are prohibited from granting third parties the right to log in to your Account using your data, except in the cases where NEWSEC gives such permission. In any case, NEWSEC is not responsible for your data if it has been transferred to the third parties, as well as for any damage resulting from illegal use of the Account by such third parties.

4.10.       NEWSEC respects the privacy of the Registered Users and (or) Visitors of the Website, therefore collects, stores, uses, and reveals your personal data submitted while using the Website only in the manner that is specified in the Privacy Policy https://newsec.lt/nt/en/privacy_policy  and (or) applicable legal acts

4.11.       You are responsible for all information submitted in your Account, including personal data, its accuracy, for all operations that are executed while using your e-mail and password, except the cases where information about your login data was revealed to the third parties without your fault or negligence. You must protect your login data, keep them confidential and do not disclose it to third parties, do not create such situation and make every effort to protect your login data from its disclosure to any unauthorized third parties, that those parties could not use your Account to get services provided in the Website and (or) attend in the real estate Auctions. The Registered User must immediately inform NEWSEC about any loss of the log-in data or impermissible use of his log-in data or the Account. If NEWSEC is not informed in the order specified in this Clause, it will be considered that log-in data and, consequently, the Account are used by Registered User, who assumes all risks and responsibility for fulfilling the obligations provided in the Rules (for example, you forfeit the right to a refund of the Participant’s Fee).

4.12.       NEWSEC is entitled at any time to warn or to stop, restrict or annul your access to the Account temporary and (or) for an unlimited period if you caused breach as specified in Section 5 hereof or you do not log in and (or) do not use your Account for the last 2 (two) years.

4.13.       In the case your Account is annulled for any reason, you will not have the access to your data or other information provided on the Website, unless the Privacy Policy or Rules indicate otherwise. Your information will be deleted and no longer stored under the procedure specified in the Rules. To continue participating in the Auctions, you will have to re-create the Account (to familiarize with the current version of the Rules), register for the desired Auction, and provide all the necessary data / documents following the procedure established by the Rules.



5.1.          You are forbidden and you agree not to perform any following actions on the Website:

5.1.1.      submit false, misleading, or inaccurate information;

5.1.2.      use the Website in any way that could be harmful to other person, his/her assets or legitimate interests and perform any actions, which, in NEWSEC opinion, cause and could cause an unsubstantiated and disproportionate impact on the Website’s infrastructure;

5.1.3.      change, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble and (or) modify any programs used by NEWSEC that are related to the Website or execution of the Auctions on the Website;

5.1.4.      use the software in any way that could disturb the activity of the Website or cause harm to the Website or any software, hardware, computer systems or networks, or to harm or damage the content of the Website, software, programs, installations or communications or in any other way disturb the Website’s, NEWSEC, the Buyers’ or any other third parties’ activities; that is normally identified as „viruses” or „worms” and (or) which purpose is to disturb the Website’s activity, to harm the Website or in any other way to render the Website and (or) its activity or the any other software, hardware, computer systems or networks; that allows you or any other person to access the Website and terminate the Website’s or any other Website’s, software’s, hardware’s activity or to disturb it or spread information (to prevent from bidding, unlawfully influence the determination of the Auction Winner, or any other actions that would complicate / restrict or disrupt the execution of online Auctions);

5.1.5.      use the software or any other automatic measures to get and (or) collect the information from the Website without NEWSEC written permission;

5.1.6.      use the Website and (or) register the Account on the Website, to use already existing Account, if there are any of the conditions, specified in Clause 4.4 of the Terms of Use of Website, and (or) your right to use the Account is suspended temporarily and (or) for an unlimited period;

5.1.7.      copy, change, or distribute the content of the Website or its part without its written permission;

5.1.8.      submit any information in the name of NEWSEC without its written consent;

5.1.9.      to create several Accounts with the purpose to attend the same Auction and artificially increase the price of the Auction Object;

5.1.10.   violate any provisions of the Rules.

5.2.          Without any other measures that may be taken by NEWSEC, you agree that any violations specified in Clause 5.1 of the Terms of Use of Website entitle NEWSEC to warn you, restrict, suspend or annul your access to the Account, restrict, forbid your actions on the Website via Account, including the possibility to participate in any real estate Auction and NEWSEC at any time may implement technical and (or) legal actions to restrict your access to the Website without prejudice to other measures.

5.3.          You agree that NEWSEC is entitled to unilaterally decide for the application of the Clause 5.2 of the Use of the Website or any part of it. You also undertake to take any resolution of NEWSEC, which is related thereto. In this case, you have to stop using the Website via your Account, other Account, also you may not register new Account, if NEWSEC does not provide separate consent to perform relevant actions. Also, you may be prosecuted under the legal acts for the violation of the Rules or third parties’ rights and relevant liability and sanctions may apply.


6.              LIABILITY

6.1.          The Auctioneer does not check any information submitted and specified on the Website by you, NEWSEC also does not perform the verification of your identity and data but reserves the right to verify it, except if otherwise is specified in the other documents of the Rules or other instructions provided on the Website. Further, NEWSEC does not control and guarantee any Registered User and (or) the Auction Participant capacity or person’s authorizations to act on behalf of the legal entity.

6.2.          NEWSEC uses reasonable physical, electronic and procedural measures and methods to protect the information from loss, theft, or any unauthorized use, disclosure or alteration, and similar actions. Please note that NEWSEC does not guarantee and may not guarantee the security of your personal data, because it is submitted and collected through the internet. You can reduce the risk of the illegal use of personal data, if you act prudently and choose smart security measures, for example, you choose the complex password, use the newest antivirus software, etc.

6.3.          Even though NEWSEC uses specific measures to protect the content of the Website, NEWSEC does not guarantee that in the Website and (or) in the downloaded files there are no viruses. Therefore, we advise you to use the additional measures to protect from the viruses – also immediately inform the Auctioneer about any observed viral and harmful programs.

6.4.          NEWSEC is not responsible in any form for you or third parties for any indirect or accidental losses, any loss of income, reduction of the business opportunities or company’s reputation, loss of business or earnings (direct or indirect), any claim, damage and losses that occurred due to your actions performed on the Website or related thereto.



7.1.          NEWSEC puts all efforts to ensure appropriate functionality of the Website, its continuity and operation without failures "as it is now" or "as it is available" at the moment of the creation of the Rules and provides the Visitors / Registered Users / Auction Participants access to it without any explicit or implicit guarantees and confirmations, including guarantees and confirmations concerning the accuracy of the Website, its appropriateness to use for a certain purpose, name, inviolability, etc. You understand and agree that due to external factors (power supply or internet disturbances, war, force majeure, etc.), the Auctioneer cannot permanently guarantee the full (100%) availability of the Website. In case of such circumstances, and under the principle of reasoning, the Auction may be declared failed, expired, extended or the new real estate Auction may be announced. In any case, if you notice the inappropriate operation of the Website or interference herewith, you must notify NEWSEC.

7.2.          NEWSEC shall not be responsible for the fact that the information about ongoing Auctions, especially the bets, intervals/price, or the last maximum bid, due to internet disturbances, other technical problems, and system incompatibilities, not always update in real-time (online), therefore the Auction Participants are advised to check regularly whether the relevant information is up to date and refresh the Website information using functionality “Refresh the Page”.

7.3.          NEWSEC is entitled to wholly or partly, temporary or permanently, restrict the access to the Website, also without prior warning, at his discretion, change, modify, edit, delete, annul, or not to renew any part of the Website or Website’s activities, unless Registered User participates in the ongoing Auction. If the Registered User participates in the ongoing Auction, respective actions can be performed only after the end of the ongoing Auction.

7.4.          You can submit all observations and (or) complaints related to the Website’s activity by using NEWSEC contacts specified in Section 12 hereof. You have to specify your name, surname, e-mail, also describe the inappropriate activity of the Website, mistake, failure, etc., and, if it is possible, the date (time) and duration.



8.1.          NEWSEC or, when it is expressly stated, the third parties retain the Intellectual Property Rights to the Website, domain, and its content to the maximum permitted capacity of the legal acts, which apply to the Rules. All specific rights are retained all over the world. You cannot in any way change, copy, recreate, repeatedly publish, upload, submit, send, sell, create the derivative works, in any way to use or distribute the Website, its content (including the document of the Rules), including the text, graphics, code and (or) software or any other content, unless NEWSEC gave its written permission to perform such actions or these actions are expressly allowed in the specific conditions specified in the Rules. Despite that, you can print and (or) download separate pages of the Website exclusively for your personal, non-commercial use, provided that you will not change or delete any warnings about the Intellectual Property Rights from that material.

8.2.          You declare and agree that NEWSEC is the owner of all Intellectual Property Rights that are on the Website and the domain and has lawful and legitimate right to use the Intellectual Property Rights, also that except the cases when it is directly specified in the Rules, you are not granted with any Intellectual Property Rights on the Website and (or) to the Website.

8.3.          All marks of the goods and services available on the Website, are NEWSEC property or NEWSEC uses it legally (including marks of the goods and services that are offered for sale). Any other rights to use these marks of the goods and (or) services (including trademarks) are not granted by the Rules.

8.4.          The content of the Website can be quoted in case prior written consent of NEWSEC is received and the source of the quoted content is properly indicated.


9.              NOTICES

9.1.          NEWSEC and the Visitors and / or Registered Users will communicate via notices on the Website and/or by e-mail, unless otherwise stated in the Rules or submitted in written requests / inquiries. You agree to receive our e-mails and agree that these electronic notices are safe and eligible for the requirements applicable under the legal acts and meet the form of the written notices. It is considered that you received the notice when NEWSEC submitted it via Website and (or) sent it to your e-mail specified in the Account.

9.2.          All notices addressed to NEWSEC and having legal effect related to the conditions of the Terms of Use of Website and (or) Rules, have to be in written form and delivered to us personally or while using such means of delivery, which allow submitting the proof of receipt, using NEWSEC contacts specified in Section 12 of the Terms of Use of Website. Notices sent to the NEWSEC on your behalf shall come into force from its receipt date.



10.1.       If imperative provisions of the law of the Republic of Lithuania, including imperative provisions of the law of the European Union, does not require otherwise, the Rules and separate documents of the Rules, as well as the legal relationship arising from or related thereto (including conclusion, validity, invalidity, execution, termination, and withdrawal), are governed are interpreted by the law of the Republic of Lithuania, the integral part of which is the law of the European Union.

10.2.       Each dispute, disagreement, or claim, which arises from the Rules or is related to the Rules, its violation, termination, withdrawal, or validity, shall be settled by negotiations. If the agreement cannot be reached by the negotiations, the dispute shall be settled in courts following the procedure specified in the law of the Republic of Lithuania, unless a separate document of the Rules or provisions of imperative applicable legal acts specifies otherwise.

10.3.       In addition to your rights related to the dispute resolution specified in Clause 10.2 hereof, your claims related to conditions of Sale-Purchase Agreement, if you registered as a natural person, can be settled without judicial procedure. Your claims related to the real estate that you purchased via Website, can be submitted to the State Consumer Rights Protection Authority in accordance with the procedure of dispute resolution specified and applicable thereby, or can be submitted to other specific institutions by using the Website of electronic settlement of the dispute, available at https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main.


11.           FINAL PROVISIONS

11.1.       NEWSEC is entitled, at his discretion, at any time to change any material or content of the Website, without prejudice to rights of the Buyer, including the terms of the Sale-Purchase Agreement before such amendment, as well as information about the intended or already ongoing real estate Auctions.

11.2.       The matter not discussed in these Terms of Use of Website and (or) any other document of the Rules is settled following the provisions of the applicable legal acts.

11.3.       If any provision of the document of the Rules is contrary to the legal acts, or after its amendment became contradictory, or for any other reasons is invalid, it does not invalidate the remaining provisions of the relevant document of the Rules. In this case, NEWSEC immediately changes it with the legally binding provision that is similar to the invalid provision and comply with the purpose of the relevant document of the Rules.

11.4.       You have no right to transfer your rights and obligations that occur from the Rules and (or) are related to the Rules to other third parties without prior written and explicitly expressed consent of NEWSEC. NEWSEC is entitled to transfer any rights and obligations without your consent to any person, according to the documents of the Rules. In case of transfer, the provisions of the documents of the Rules will be binding to the successor, providing at least the same guarantees and (or) rights that are granted to you under the documents of the Rules.

11.5.       NEWSEC is not responsible for any of your costs, including the internet or any other fees or payments for the service providers and (or) other third parties, that you experienced due to the use of the Website and (or) the conclusion of the Sale-Purchase Agreement through the Website.


12.           CONTACTS

If you need any help or you have any questions and (or) claims on the interpretation of the Rules and (or) its application, we kindly ask you to contact NEWSEC by using the following contact and we will answer all your inquiries as soon as possible (if you are the Consumer – no later than within 14 (fourteen) calendar days) by using the contacts provided by you under the procedure specified in Clause 9 hereof.

The contacts of the Auctioneer:

UAB "Newsec advisers LT"

Konstitucijos av. 21C, Vilnius, LT-09306, the Republic of Lithuania

E-mail: aukcionai@newsec.lt

Phone No.: +370 5 252 6444