1962 Logistikos ir sandėliavimo centras

Elektronikos g. 34, Panevėžys, Lithuania

Type Industrial
Build year 1962
Available space 37.152 (sq. m)
Rent price per month 3 EUR/sq.m

1962 carries a special story with it. It is a renovated building behind which the former Ekranas, known as the largest manufacturer of color picture tubes in the Baltic States, is hidden. It is the legacy of this building that reflects the year 1962, when AB Ekranas gamykla started operating.

At the time, it was one of the most modern factories in the entire Baltic region, and now it is an renovated, modern building adapted to the customers of today’s industrial segment.

The location of the building is especially convenient - just 1 km from the Via Baltica road

Ground floor ~ 13824 sq.m .; Working height ~ 5.90 m (6x6m column network)

Second floor ~ 15012 sq.m; Working height ~ 6.9-8.3 m (6x18 column network)

14 automatic ramps

6 lift gates (planned to increase the number to 16)

Building features:

The building is covered with sandwich-type wall panels

New electrical installation with LED lighting (300-500 lux)

New insulated roof Hydraulic ramps

Anti-dust flooring

Sprinkler fire system

Mezzanine racking system

Premises features:

The total area of the premises is 37,152 m2, of which 18,576 m2. is on the 2nd floor.

The premises are equipped with a freight elevator lifting 2.5 tons and a conveyor elevator with a 6-pallet buffer with a throughput of 60-80 pallets / hour.

Depth of the warehouse - 72 m, length of the warehouse 252 m

Prices indicated without VAT


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