Pilaitės ave. 59, Vilnius

Pilaitės pr. 59

Type Land plots
Purpose Retail Retail Other
Land area 0,2744 (ha)
Selling price 875.500 EUR
Density 80 %
Intensity 2 %

Object Highlights

Investment proposal in the Pilaitės micro district. 0,2744 hectares land plot for sale. On the main street Pilaitės avenue with the turn to right. The land plot is in front line on the street view and strategically in excellent location for commercial development. Possibility to develop fast food restaurant, office building, shopping center or etc.

Main Facts:

  • Tipe of functional zone: City part (region) center zone. 
  • Territory use type - GC; GM; PA; SI. 
  • Land plot use types: G2; K; V; R; B; I2; E. 
  • Max floors: 5. 
  • Max high: 20. 
  • Max density: 80. 
  • Intensity: up to 2. 
  • Possibility to build sq. m.: up to 5.488. 

Object Location

Land plot is strategically well located in Vilnius city Pilaitė micro district on the main artery with the right turn from main street exit way from city. Pilaitės Avenue is the main street of Pilaitė micro district and main way to Sudervė village. On the road to Sudervė village are located smaller districts of high-density private houses and cottages: Papiškės, Plantiškės, Vaivadiškės, Karveliškės, Mozūriškės, Čekoniškės.

The land plot has excellent visibility from Pilaitės Ave. To the Central Business District is about 6,6 km away to the east direction. The Old town is about 7,5 km (Palace of Parliament).

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