Konstitucijos pr. 15

Type Office
Building class A
Size of the building 5.700 (sq. m)
Floor plate area 1.550 (sq. m)
Available space 98-1.155 (sq. m)
Rent price per month 18-20 EUR/sq.m
Available from Already available

Uniqueness of the Object

  • An exclusive A-level, small-area office and apartment building, characterized by extraordinary architectural solutions
  • The building is designed in such a way that the office space is as efficient as possible, and the tenants can productive planing the office layout
  • When designing the building, a lot of attention is paid to engineering systems and technologies. For example, the glass that forms the outer wall of the building is smart - the glass units retain 70% of the heat. solar energy and thus reduces the generation of excess heat. And large display windows ensure adequate and natural daylight entering the premises
  • The highest quality materials and interior solutions were used for the interior decoration of the building. Great attention is paid to acoustic solutions and safety

Small office business center

  • Tenants can expect not only offices of various sizes, but also meeting and consultation rooms, fully equipped and equipped recreation areas
  • Fully equipped with all comfortable communication and green recreation areas
  • The employees of the business center who come to work by bicycle are equipped with a storage room for these vehicles, showers, and changing rooms
  • Common spaces, which tenants can use for common needs, allow efficient use of the leased office space only for the main work function. Accordingly, the rented area is more efficient both in area and in financial sense


  • Prestigious business location - the main artery of the new center - Konstitucijos avenue, ideal connection to the old town and other areas of the city, both by own and public transport or by foot, bicycle, scooter, etc. The #Tower building significantly contributes to the formation of the panorama of the center of Vilnius.
  • Excellent visibility, neighborhood of various commercial and residential objects, fully developed infrastructure and communications of the city and the territory itself
  • Business neighborhood - Quadrum, Swedbank, Park Town, 3 Burė, etc. business centers
  • Convenient service infrastructure - hotels, shopping centers, cafes, restaurants
  • Near the main city institutions - municipality, registry center, etc.
  • It is convenient to come to the business center by any means of transport - perfectly developed paths will allow you to come by bicycles or scooters, and the business center is equipped with storage rooms and showers. Electric car drivers will have the opportunity to successfully arrive at the workplace, as charging points for electric cars have been installed. There are more than 8 public transport stops around the business center. This ensures a smooth arrival at the workplace.

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